Disinfection tunnels

Dimensions: 170 x 80 x 235 (cm)
Material: stainless steel Č.4580 (AISI 304) finished brushed
Power supply required: 220 v
High pressure pump 70 bar, 1 l / min
Fog nozzles (AISI 304) anti-drip.
Photo sensor for automatic window activation (without contact activation)
Under the disinfection tunnel they have vinyl which spreads the liquid spillage
disinfects the soles of shoes, adjusts the adaptation of a person with a disability.
Note: the infection tunnel must be installed indoors, where
the temperature will not be below 1 ° C due to freezing of disinfection temperatures.
Disinfectant liquid must not be alcohol-based.
Consumption of disinfectant liquid 0.03 L for one cycle.
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